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What you can bring!

Small Coolers with Snacks

You are allowed to bring small coolers with snacks, and sealed unopened bottled non-alcoholic beverages. These will be checked by our Front Gate professional security. All unsealed bottles containing liquids will be emptied at the gate.

Empty Refillable Water Bottle

We will have a water station on-site for filling your empty, refillable water bottle.

Certified Service Animals Only

The festival ground are a place of enjoyment, with loud music and crowds. As such the Festival grounds have been classified as a “no animal zone” most notably for everyone’s safety. Provincially Certified Service Animals are the exception.

Handlers and leashed service animals to be considered for entry must produce their Gov’t of AB issued service dog ID (with a current picture of both handler and service animal)

Provincial laws do not qualify emotional support animals at public venues and they will not be allowed on the festival grounds.

Check with us in advance via direct message on our socials or via our email (top right corner here on the website) to confirm if your service animal qualifies.

Handlers and service animals are not exempt from bad behavior. Any service dog team displaying or exhibiting bad behavior may be asked to leave.

What you can bring!

Low Back Chairs

Low back, short leg seating is preferred. If mobility requires standard portable chair height, please position your seating where your chair will not interfere with other guest’s views of the stage.

Blankets & Tarps

Be courteous and take the space that you need, and prep for cooler evenings with an extra blanket.

Rain Gear & SMALL Umbrellas

Rain slickers/coats & hats, and small umbrellas. And yes, tarps!!

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Bring your own sunscreen and bug spray, and if you forget we will have some for sale at the Merch Tent.