Thank you for your interest in our biggest little Festival, and we’d love for you to join us with putting on the show. There are still some spaces left to sign up to volunteer!

If you have volunteered in the past – welcome back! If this will be your first year we are looking forward to meeting you!

This music festival is 100% volunteer managed, volunteer staffed, and volunteer organized. We all do this for our love of live music, and we are so pleased you are joining us!

If you want to take on more shifts or haven’t signed up yet, click the button below to see what is still available!

BBRF2022 Volunteer Training

We have a variety of positions available, and our volunteers range in age from 12 to 86 years old.

12+ positions include Front Gate scanning patron tickets, and Grounds Maintenance.

18+ positions include Security, and Fiesta Zone/Cabana/HGA Tent bartending. We do ask that volunteers in these areas take the ProTect course and the ProServe course available via the AGLC website.

BBRF Security credit Jerry Cordeiro

Make yourself a valuable commodity ~ We are not the only festival that looks for it’s volunteers to hold both certifications! As of this date, ProTect is still free to take, and ProServe is $25 plus tax. You must be 18+ for these courses.

Both the ProTect and ProServe courses do take about 4 hours each, involve watching videos and doing some reading, prior to taking the exams. You will get your results immediately following your exam, and a retake is possible if needed.

Personal story – My 80 year old mother successfully completed both courses and holds her certification in both ProServe and ProTect. You can do it, and it is so worth it! ~ Maggie of the BBRF Society