Saturday, June 17th

High Level Bridge’s Alt-Country, Bluegrass and Gospel sounds hail from North-Central Alberta… the prairies. They are a duo, featuring multi-instruments and soaring vocal harmonies. Aside from singing, Nick Guiton can be found playing the guitar, bass, banjo and dobro while Jennifer Guiton’s voice can be heard sailing over her guitar or piano. She also plays harmonica, flute and tin whistle. Together they combine instruments in many variations to make for an entertaining show.

Their music is as diverse as the many landscapes of Alberta while maintaining a sound that is distinctive and originally “High Level Bridge”. Nick and Jenn have lived all over Western Canada and you will hear reflections of mountain, coastal and and certainly prairie life in their songs.

The sound is rooted in country, blues and bluegrass all of which come through in both their secular and gospel shows.
The band was named for the famous High Level Bridge in Edmonton, AB. It’s a distinctive landmark in the city where they began their music journey. It also stands as a metaphor for having big dreams and focusing on the things that connect people to overcome what divides them.