The Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival has a long history bringing awesome music, increased business and family fun to Beaumont, AB.

The festival was an event organized by the Town Council’s volunteer-run Promotions Committee until 2015 when the organizing team of the festival formed a volunteer-run not for profit society with sponsorship support from the Town, as well as our other great sponsors.

Beaumont Blues 2010

February 26, 2020

Beaumont Blues 2009

September 5, 2009

Beaumont Blues 2008

August 30, 2008

The 5th Annual Beaumont Blues Festival #BBF2012

Last year at the BADAS the Beaumont & District Agricultural Society Fairgrounds. We greatly appreciate and enjoyed the BADAS grounds hosting our Festival for so many years.

Last year running on September Long Weekend, thank you to all of you volunteers and Beaumont Blues fans who joined us in the cold.


Youth at the Blues, hosted by Bill Bonnah. Includes The Archaics, Rebecca Lappa, Jordan Kaminski, James of Dark Wood, Last Chance Hollywood, Good Morning Groove, Zak Smith, Yikes, Take to the Skies. The evening finished out with Giselle Boehm Band and headliners 100 Mile House.


Includes Lynne Chwyl, Jeremy Kornel, Collective West, Katie Anderson, Magnolia Buckskin, Terry Thrasher, Kim Maskell, Punch Drunk Cabaret as well a cool pics of vendors, dancing, lovely friends, face painting and bouncy castle!

Saturday 2012 Brandon Isaak and Keith Picot


Includes Mayor Camille Berube, Darryl Matthews, Justin Song, Collective West, Michael Rault Band, Rachelle van Zanten, Keith Picot, Lynne Chwyl, Brandon Isaak, face painting, Brandon Kelly, Reece Runco, Brandon Isaak and Keith Picot’s performance, Bardic Form’s performance, Rachelle Van Zanten Band’s performance, Organizing Committee with Saturday headliners Spirit of the West. Due to extreme weather conditions with winds that were at risk of blowing the stage down, the safety of our headliners took priority and the decision was made to not have Spirit of the West take the stage.

2012 Fist Full of Blues


Includes Flug Muggit rehearsing backstage, Brent Hannah & Josee Miller backstage, caricature artist Susanne Ritchie – with drawings of Brian and Carol Zahorodniuk and Mason Rack Band, Back Porch Swing rehearsing and performing, Forrest Bard, Dale Ladouceur, Locomotive Ghost, Brian McLeod backstage, folks dancing to Locomotive Ghost, Brian McLeod performing, Fist Full of Blues, Penny of Back Porch Swing with organizing committee member Serena Bushnell, the Organizing Committee, and Dan Sinasac.


Mason Rack Band, and our 2012 Sunday headliner Kim Mitchell


The 6th Annual Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival #BBRF2013

2013 we moved from the fairgrounds outside of town to Four Seasons Park in the heart of Beaumont.

We moved the festival from Labour Day weekend to late June for warmer climes.

2013 also brought a name change – we added “& Roots” to the festival name, recognizing the wide variety of genres of music our festival hosts – including folk, roots, alternative, heavy and classic rock, country, bluegrass, surf, ska, rockabilly and so much more.


Youth at the Blues 2013

Featuring The Archaics, Bill Bonnah and Leduc ONE radio station DJ hosting, Katelyn & Lindsay, James of the Dark Wood, Jake Buckley Band, Flug Muggit, MEohMY, Braden Gates, The Doll Sisters, Rebecca Lappa, Sonic Nation, our judging panel included Grant Stovel and Colleen Brown. Braden was our winner that year!


The 7th Annual Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival #BBRF2014


Youth at the Blues, Band Catagory winners The Static Shift, and Singer/Songwriter Catagory winner Jake Buckley, got to play the next day! The Static Shift  Savage Playground  Suit Jacket Society  Maverick  The Archaics  Jake Buckley  Olivia Wik  Megan Keirstead  Sam the Living


Our headliner was Matt Andersen plus Whitehorse  Lindi Ortega  Alex Vissia  Kalsey Kulyk  Jake Buckley  Wayne Allchin Band  Amber Suchy  The Static Shift  Ken Stead


We went Rockabilly and filled the afternoon with ska, surf and steampunk. Our headliners were The Sheepdogs plus we had  Cousin Harley  Raygun Cowboys  Jay Gilday  Pete Turland  Mae Anderson  The Fuzz Kings  Bardic Form  Eve Hell and The Razors  Punch Drunk Cabaret


The 8th Annual Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival #BBRF2015

Big changes abounded this year! We realized our Friday evenings were greatly under attended with focusing on our Youth at the Blues initiative. We wanted to see more folks out than just the performers friends and families, these young talented individuals and bands deserved more of an audience! So we booked a headliner for Friday evening.


Josh SahuntaKatie and Janaya, Megan Kierstead, Amanda Gendron, Jake Buckley, Suit Jacket Society, and then the skies opened and dropped wrath upon us!!!! We did not pack it in, folks hung out in the tents and we were able to get the show going again with The Static Shift returning to our stage to open for Headliner The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer.

Friday BBRF2015 Photos of This and That


Saturday 2015 opened with the Youth at the Blues bands who did not get to perform the evening before due to the storm (read on below) Bandolier, Savage Playground, The Uninspired, plus our scheduled performers Amy Metcalfe, Jay Sparrow, Justine Vandergrift, Dirt Road Angels, Mandy Reider, Ridley Bent, Del Barber, Boom Chucka Boys, and headliner Doc Walker.

Saturday BBRF2015 Photos of This and That


Punch Drunk Cabaret, Youth at the Blues winners Savage Playground, Dan Sinasac,  Darryl Matthews, The 427’s, Marco Corbo, Kirby Sewell Band, Hawksley Workman, and our Headliner was Moon vs Sun • Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida


The 9th Annual Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival #BBRF2016

  • Another shift in how we run our lineup, we focused on local performers regardless of age, for Friday, and placed Youth at the Blues performers throughout the Festival weekend. In essence we grew into a bigger festival, and still 100% volunteer organized, and volunteer staffed.
  • We added a second stage, The Jef Gibbs Stage. Jef was a huge support to the Festival over the years, and he provided our merchandise until his untimely passing.


Josh Sahunta, Redemption Sons, Chase Schwartz, Savage Playground, Collective West, REND, and Headliner Royal Tusk


Peter Puffin, Tessa Whittle, The Ramblin’ Ambassadors, Andi Bauer with Camryn Bauer, The Stephanie Harpe Experience, The Tides, The Rooster Davis Group, Lindsey Walker, Trent Severn, Pete Turland, Phillip Sayce, The Fuzz Kings, and Headliner Tom Wilson’s LeE HARVeY OsMOND.


Peter Puffin, A Gentleman’s Pact, Brook Magnin, Rita McDade and The Fusion Blues, The Colton James Band, The Blues Puppy Trio, Barrett and Jennah, Jesse Roper, Angela Saini, Bobby Cameron, Paula Perro and The Project, Jr. Gone Wild, Sam Spades, and Headliners Sloan.


The 10th Annual Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival #BBRF2017


Deanna Dolstra, King of Foxes, Boogie Patrol, Velvetines, Punch Drunk Cabaret, Ayla Brook and the Soundmen, and Headliner Matt Andersen.


Shaguar, Peter Puffin, RadioActive, Jade Roads, Raygun Cowboys, Cadillac Junkies, Samantha Schultz, Lucas Chaison, Kirby Sewell Band, Joint Chiefs, and Headliner Corb Lund.


Peter Puffin, Lynne Chwyl, Brooke Magnin, Darrel Barr, Electric Audrey, Dirt Road Angels, Kym Simon, Dungarees, Jasmine Whenham and Headliner Fred Penner.


The 11th Annual Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival #BBRF2018

#ForAGirl initiative with having a full female lineup on Friday.


Brittany Catherine, The Command Sisters, Keltie, Terra Lightfoot, Aurora Lenihan, Hannah Georgas, Celeigh Cardinal, and Headliner Serena Ryder.


Peter Puffin, Jonah Langlois, Tsunami Brothers, Guests: The Band, Rhodes, Alleviate, Mad Bomber Society, Bardic Form, Joe Nolan and the Dogs, RAKE, and Headliners Sam Roberts Band.


Kat Zel, Peter Puffin, KOMIKA, Misery Mountain Boys, Dylan Farrel, Ben Sures, Whyte Ave Womprats, Paula Perro and The Project, Mariel Buckley, Cousin Harley, Erin Kay, and Headlining Nice Horse.


The 12th Annual Beaumont Blues & Roots Festival #BBRF2019 (links to Brian Zahorodniuk’s photo albums coming soon!)

Friday, June 21

4:00pm Gates Open

5:00pm Jef Gibbs Stage • Zoe Eila
5:30pm Main Stage • Lia Cole
6:15pm Jef Gibbs Stage • Tash Maxwell
7:00pm Main Stage • Ken Stead
7:45pm Jef Gibbs Stage • Marco Corbo
8:30pm Main Stage • The Watchmen
9:30pm Jef Gibbs Stage • The Confusionaires
10:30pm Main Stage • Matthew Good

Saturday, June 22

10:30am Gates Open

11:00am Jef Gibbs Stage • Peter Puffin
11:45am Main Stage • El Niven & The Alibi
12:30pm Jef Gibbs Stage • Hometown Stereo
1:15pm Main Stage • Lindsey Walker
2:00pm Jef Gibbs Stage • Upsidedowntown
2:45pm Main Stage • Funkafeelya
3:30pm Jef Gibbs Stage • Rebecca Lappa
4:15pm Main Stage • Major Love
5:00pm Jef Gibbs Stage • Whitemud Drive
5:45pm Main Stage • Prairie States
6:30pm Jef Gibbs Stage • Kat Zel Band
7:15pm Main Stage • Nice Horse
8:00pm Jef Gibbs Stage • Sawbones
8:45pm Main Stage • Bif Naked
9:30pm Jef Gibbs Stage • Ryan Langlois
10:30pm Main Stage • Big Wreck