Don’t Bring This Stuff

Everyone entering the festival may be subject to a bag search and pat down … does that concern you, maybe go drop some stuff back at your car.

Any contraband items will be confiscated. Alcohol will be poured out (hey it’s the law, we’d rather keep it!)

Got any of this stuff?  Best leave it in the car … except the pets of course, please leave those at home!


  • Glass containers – Absolutely NO glass containers to be brought on site. Sealed baby food containers are the only exception … and only if you have a baby!
  • PLEASE NO PETS – for the comfort and safety of all, please leave your pets at home. Plus they leave little bombs all over the place.  (Service animals are always welcome)
  • Alcohol – our liquor permit only allows for the consumption of liquor purchased on site. Don’t worry we bought lots!
  • Open and unsealed beverage containers of any kind will be emptied out at the gate, including water bottles. Please bring your reusable water bottles empty – you can fill them up at the water station located on site. Think of it this way – if the potential is there to load the container with alcohol so that it looks like water, or booze mixed in with your Gatorade or Pepsi, then don’t bring it because it will be emptied at the gate.
  • Non-prescription drugs. Note that consumption of Cannabis products is prohibited pursuant to City of Beaumont Bylaws … Dude seriously we’re gonna trash your stash so just leave it in the car.
  • Professional Cameras – if it has a removable lens, or you need an assistant to lift it …  please leave it at home. Check our festival for all the Pro photos from the weekend!
  • Audio / Video recording devices – recording of the show will not be permitted.
  • Drones, stay grounded my friends.
  • Laser pointers, we paid good money for a light show, save yours for home.
  • Fireworks don’t be that guy.
  • Weapons of any kind, including a Wizard’s Staff … fool me once Gandalf … plus give peace a chance.