We, like many of you, have been holding out hope that we might see a return of live events and festivals this summer. However, as we continue to see covid cases rising in Alberta, and restrictions continue to be in place (as they should), we are faced with making the sad decision to once again cancel the 2021 BBRF that was scheduled for June 18-19. We feel that this is the only responsible decision to make given the current state of Covid in our community and the short time frame remaining between now and June. We look forward to bringing you the BIGGEST party in BBRF history when June of 2022 comes around!


That said we do hope to see some sort of return of live outdoor events this summer, and as such we will be pursuing plans for another small scale ‘mini’ event later this summer. Something similar to the popular and successful BADAS BBRF event which took place September 2020.

Please keep your eyes on our social pages for updates and announcements for our smaller events as we learn more, and are able to proceed.


Stay strong. Stay safe … and get your shot when your time comes.
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~ The BBRF Society